Be More Present

Find Out Who You Really Are

Self-observing habits are essential to more effective response and maintaining self-awareness. When we are fully aware of our thoughts we bring awareness not only to the thoughts themselves but also to the thinker, ourselves, as the witness of the thoughts. This is consciousness, the self-observing habits in action, and beneath all thinking. This is being mindful, the ability to be present, the self-realisation of being in the present moment. Being present provides the potential to notice different aspects of emotions and realise what is poignant at the moment, what is truly happening in the inner world. There is then, an opening, an opportunity towards rational self-reflection and to investigate what is infused in the inner world, and to attended what has been ignored.

Being mindful is not about converting to religion, or having to spend hours meditating, or even becoming another person. Mindfulness is purely self-awareness, is having an overall sense of perspective by noticing, understanding, and observing what is happening in all aspect of our lives, resulting in acting with self-confidence, and letting go of negative self-judgments and unnecessary emotional suffering. Mindful people have a better cognition–behaviour, effective emotional and behavioural adjustment, resulting in directed goal attainment and clear purposes.

Being present or "in the now", provides the opportunity to free ourselves from identifying with everyday living situations, and having self-critical thoughts. Being in the present moment or "in the moment", limits the mind from replaying past experiences, which are unproductive and inhibit focused decision making. The result is an unshakable sense of consistency with life, a feeling of fulfilment, or unassailable acceptance of one's current circumstances. A mind disengaged from the usual chaos can act on whatever the present situation is, regardless what emotion might be in play.

Recognise Stress Processing Style

Throughout customised individual sessions, I can deliver the opening to end involuntary and compulsive thinking. Rather than suppressing feelings, until blowing all accumulated emotions up, the intention here is to engage in gaining conscious awareness of one's own personality, and perceptions of inner core emotions. This knowing will leap to an empathic exploration response to emotional awareness, and the present moment stops becoming a means toward an end. Being mindful of daily activities can transform the way one thinks about experiences; this reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes focusing.

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