The Perils of Setting Goals

The Perils of Setting Goals

The Perils of Setting Goals


Without understanding the way our minds work, one cannot understand and resolve the very complex problems of living.


Our constant plans and desires for having a better tomorrow are regularly down to setting goals, projects and todos list. This miraculous concept that we all have been sold, where a scrap of paper and a mindset is all we need to accomplish our goals and desires is a multimillion business, and in most cases, it represents another of our personal goal doomed to failure. We all have been there. We buy the books, personal journals, the apps and whatever physical or virtual product will magically make us better and happier. Then we look at them as if they were a form of deity or a sourdough starter ready to perform the miracle growth. However, after few days of scraping some words, if any, on our most advanced personal journal, or typing our thoughts on the daily updated app while checking our Facebook feeds, we go back to our routine or daydream, anger or feeling of failure, until the next app comes along, or we read about a new journal that almost writes itself. Voila, we have been hooked again.



As humans, we long for approval and belonging, and our programmed culture feeds on pressure, and we have constant calls for strategic goals and positive outcome, all having the following pattern of digestible inputs so we can resume disguising our suffering. And when self-help books, personal journals and apps all finally proclaim their failure, we then go on searching for the magical pill for our problems, and we no not bother to find out the root causes of our distress as long as I am feeling “okay” and not thinking much about what is really happening. Life must go on until further difficulty surfaces, and we then resume our shopping for the next prompt fix. Sadly, and most often, this vicious mindset circle continues until we die or just give up trying in exchange for the constant feeling of lack of success. Basically, the sense of becoming obsolete in society fits well amongst our many mind identities



If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.

However, a fulfilled life does not have to be established or accomplished by a formula or set of goals, and the reset button should be available to us at any time, we always have a choice. Except that we must look at ourselves as an individual, and then, later, as part of the totality. Without knowing who you are and what makes you the way you are, any search we have in life is merely mind based and therefore limited. All thoughts of expectations and desires are who you think you are, it is your mind identifying with the situation, the narrative. Your mind experience of the past makes you assume that you are this or that person, and that you lack something or everything to achieve fulfilment, and that you, somehow, are an imperfection in a bodily system. As a result, you not only believe in this idea which your mind is projecting but also you act upon its instincts. Without fully understanding the reasons our mind operates the way it does we will always be tracing the next tool for happiness and fulfilment as prescribed by our fear and desire to relate, to fit in.


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