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Fragments of My Journey

Each unfulfilled area of our lives is a challenge to our purpose and stability, or otherwise a source of frustration.
Happiness is impermanent, yet it can be renewed. We are also impermanent and as well capable of being renewed, just like our breathing and our actions. We are not something permanent experiencing something impermanent. We are something impermanent experiencing something impermanent. Therefore, we should strive for the best tools to reach our goals of purging the mind of negative emotions.

Mastering obstacles to win unalloyed fulfilment.

Our prosperity, our existence, depends on the existence and happiness of everyone and all things. This is the wisdom of inter-being, the interrelation of all phenomena.

From early adulthood, I dedicated my life's work to the study of human behaviour, and the incredible intricacies of the human mind. Also throughout my many years pursuing truth and freedom from the mind, I had mastered the core teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti. After studying Fine Art and Psychology and working as a Contemporary Artist, Coaching and the "nature of mind" was a natural progressive step forward.

I have coached and guided successful people from all walks of life, from CEOs, Professionals, Artists, Entrepreneurs to Students, and regular people like you and me who were just trying to live the best life they could build for themselves. I have now over fifteen years’ experience in Mindfulness, Coaching, Logotherapy, Philosophy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Consciousness Development, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Additionally, I am a body-language expert and uniquely equipped to find and get the best out of my clients - especially when they cannot see it themselves. I am also an entrepreneur and co-founder of three Internet startups.

I am an accomplished Contemporary Fine Art Painter, have travelled the world immersing myself in cultures and countries, gaining knowledge on many subjects’ matter, included psychological development, phenomenology, the nature of mind, meditation, spiritual inquiry, human relationships, and everything that would lead to a fundamental change in consciousness and society. All this has enriched my understanding of the human psyche and allowed me to push my clients further than they ever thought they could go.

Qualification And Training

Executive Coaching – AoEC – Academy of Executive Coaching (ICF, EMCC, PCC, LCC, Ridler & Co, Middlesex University validation)
Gestalt Coaching – AoEC – Academy of Executive Coaching (ICF, EMCC, PCC, LCC, Ridler & Co, Middlesex University validation)
Executive Recovery and Wellness Coaching – AoEC – Academy of Executive Coaching (ICF, EMCC, ACTP, LCC)
Co-Active Coach – Co-Active Coaching®  at Coaches Training Institute  CTI®  (ICF, EMCC, ACTP)
Unitive™ Coaching & Personal Development – Unitive™, Individual Sessions, Charles Bentley PhD, Phenomenology and Gestalt (ICF, EMCC)
Life Coaching & Personal Performance Coaching – The Coaching Academy  (CPD accreditation) (ICF, EMCC, ACSTH)
NLP Master Practitioner™ –  Helford 2000 Ltd NLP Training; The Southern Institute of NLP™; and Talent Institute
NLP Coaching – Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques, Helford 2000 Ltd NLP Coaching (ABH board of NLP)
Clinical Hypnosis Master Practitioner – Helford 2000 Ltd Windsor and Talent Institute
Covert Hypnosis – Advanced Course in Subtle Unconscious Influence, UCP
NLP Weight Management Practitioner™ – Emma James (ABNLP, ABH, Master TLTA & Mental Coaching Association)
Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner – Helford 2000LTD and Talent Institute
Logotherapy™ And Existential Analysis (LTEA) – Viktor Frankl Institute
The Fourteen Mindfulness Training – Plum Village – Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn
Body and Mind Co-Being Training – Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh, Lang Nghiem and Phap Hai
Awakening and  Mindfulness – Teachings of the Buddha with Jack Kornfield
Vipassana Meditation – Dhamma Laṭṭhikā – Rod of Dhamma (Cambodia Vipassana Centre)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT®) Practitioner – The Linehan Institute, Behavioural Tech Research
Dr de Bono’s Effective Thinking – The Effective Thinking Course & Lateral Thinking™ techniques, Dr Edward de Bono
Studied for Diploma in Psychology – Oxford College (ODL)
Body Language Awareness – SKILLSTUDIO® (PGICH)
Language for Communication Skills – SKILLSTUDIO® (PGICH) and  BSY® Ltd (ODLQC, AHCP, CCC)
Designing Your Life – Stanford University Web-seminar Programs, Centre for Professional Development
The Law of Attraction  – Abraham-Hicks Seminar
Philosophy – MOOC by The University of Edinburgh
Spiritual Phenomena in South America –  (Mahikari, Afro-Brazilian Cults, Catholics Invocation, Kardecism and OBE/OOBE)
Philosophy, God, Knowledge and Consciousness – MITx/HarvardX collaboration, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Psychology and Business Studies – Richmond University London
Studied for BA (Hons) in Fine Art – Regent’s University London, American Intercontinental University (AIU London)
BA (Hons) in Criminology and Criminal Justice – The University of Essex

Member of The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA)

The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) mission is to support empirical and conceptual efforts to establish an evidence base for the process, practice, and construct of mindfulness; promote best evidence-based standards for the use of mindfulness research and its applications; and to facilitate discovery and professional development through grant giving.

AMRA serves as a professional resource to the sciences and humanities, practice communities, and the broader public on mindfulness from the perspective of contemplative practice.

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